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Olive chromate film on zinc coating is the thickest (1-1.5 ; microns) and provides the highest protection of galvanic zinc coating on steel in neutral environments. This means that olive zinc parts will withstand the most hours in a salt spray chamber before white or red corrosion appears. This type of chromating is used relatively less frequently than other types, mainly on military parts. Depending on the required degree of protection of the metal surface, the coating thickness can range from 6 to 50 microns. Considering that this type of galvanizing is used in difficult operating conditions, it is not advisable to lay a coating thickness of less than 9 microns. Olive chromate film contains from 300 to 360 mg/m² hexavalent chromium, and its durability in 5% salt spray is 400-450 hours. The corrosion rate of non-passivated zinc depends on pH:

Zinc corrosion rate

Olive zinc is always matte due to the large thickness of the outer chromate film.

You can order olive galvanizing of steel according to GOST 9.305-84 by phone and email specified in the section "CONTACTS".


The main characteristics of zinc are given in the table

Designation (examples)


Optimal range of thicknesses

9-50 microns (optimal, greater thickness is possible)


490-1180 MPa

Electrical resistivity at 18° C

5.75×10-8 Ohm⋅m

Permissible operating temperature

300° C

Advantages of galvanizing:

  • Khaki zinc provides the highest anti-corrosion characteristics among all types of chromate - better than with colorless or iridescent passivation. The coating is anodic in relation to iron up to 70°C, which allows us to talk not only about the mechanical, but also about the electrochemical nature of the protection of parts from corrosion. Protection is evident even when there is damage to the coating that extends to the steel base. At temperatures above 70°C zinc becomes a cathode, protection becomes purely mechanical.
  • Zinc prevents contact corrosion of steel when combined with aluminum products.
  • Ensures easy screwing of threaded parts. It is often used on parts of high-pressure hoses.
  • Olive chromate zinc both improves the appearance of the coating and matches the color of matte military green paint. 
  • Olive, like rainbow film, has the property of “self-healing”. It is able to restore its properties in case of minor mechanical damage, such as scratches. Chromite, phosphate and oxide films do not have this effect.
  • The khaki zinc coating produced at our enterprise is ductile, withstands bending and flaring, thanks to the use of unique shine-forming additives in the electrolyte. It also has a high uniformity in thickness, which is confirmed by metallographic studies:

    A microphotograph of a cross-section of the coating is shown below:


    Disadvantages of galvanizing:

    • Olive chromate film on zinc is not resistant to abrasion.
    • Electrochemical galvanizing causes some loss of steel ductility due to hydrogenation. Steels with a tensile strength higher than 1380 MPa are not subject to galvanizing. 
    • Zinc has increased brittleness at temperatures above 250°; C and below minus 70° C.
    • Olive chromate film has the lowest electrical conductivity compared to all other types of chromate.