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Chrome plating - Cr

Need chrome plating? This section of our online catalog contains all types of chromium coatings produced by NPP Elektrokhimiya.

The group combines five chrome plating processes:

• Protective and decorative - a thin layer on nickel and/or copper. The coating has the highest degree of gloss.

• Hard - the highest hardness and wear resistance among traditional electroplating.

• Dairy - easily run in, relatively plastic and easily polished coating.

• Matte (gray) - anti-reflective coating with good wear resistance.

• Black - light absorbing and anti-reflective coating. It is not pure chromium. Relatively thin, therefore it is applied over a sublayer of other metals and with oiling.

Chrome plating is one of the most difficult processes in electroplating, especially when processing complex-shaped parts or internal surfaces is required.

To order chrome plating, send a request to our manager.

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