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Copper plating and copper alloys - Cu

Need metal plating? This section of our online catalog contains all types of copper coatings produced by NPP Elektrokhimiya. We also apply white bronze (copper-tin).

The group combines shiny, matte copper coatings and copper alloys. Shiny copper is smoother and glossier. It has increased hardness, but at the same time - fragility. Brushed copper, in turn, is very ductile.

Copper is distinguished by excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, it is easily polished and soldered (in its pure form). Copper coatings give spark-proof properties to steel tools. Copper, being the cathode with respect to steel, does not protect it from corrosion if there are pores or scratches in the coating, although it is itself stable in many environments.

Electroplated copper alloys include brass and bronze. Brass is used as an adhesive coating for rubber coating. Bronze - both protective and decorative and in electrical engineering.

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