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Chemical oxidation - Chem.oks

Do you need metal oxidation? This section of our online catalog contains all types of oxide coatings produced by SPE Elektrokhimiya.

The group combines the processes for obtaining oxides on steel and aluminum.

• Hot oxidation of steel (burnishing) is carried out in high-temperature solutions. The resulting coatings have good wear resistance, but are not always deep black, especially on alloyed steels. Good for coloring.

• Cold blackening is more complex in terms of the process mechanism. The protective ability of the coating is lower, but the color is richer. Not suitable for painting.

• Thermal oxidation of steel is carried out by heating in air. At the same time, depending on the temperature, coatings of different composition and color are obtained - from brown to dark blue (burning).

• Chemical oxidation of aluminum is used as a cheap way to increase its corrosion resistance, as well as a primer for painting. The group contains oxide-fluoride and oxide-phosphate coatings. The first are thin, conduct electricity. The latter are dielectric and thicker.

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