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Prices for galvanized coatings. Price list

Note! Here are indicative prices. The cost of work depends on the characteristics of each particular product. The table is for informational purposes only.

The minimum cost of work is 5,000 rubles.

To determine the final cost - contact our manager.

Electroplating prices
Name of electroplated or chemical coating Minimum coating thickness Cost per 1 dm2, rub.


 6 micron from 10

Tinning (tinning)

 3 micron from 10

Anodizing (anodic oxidation)

 20 micron from 10


 3 micron from 100

Chrome plating

 3 micron from 70

Nickel plating

 3 micron from 15

Nickel plating chemical

 3 micron from 18

Copper plating

 3 micron from 15

Phosphating chemical

 20 micron (not regulated) from 15

Chemical oxidation of steel

 2 micron (not regulated) from 10

Chemical oxidation of aluminum

 2 micron (not regulated) from 10


 3 micron  from 15

Tin-nickel plating

 3 micron  from 15

Etching, electrochemical polishing

 not regulated from 5


 not regulated from 5

The final cost of coverage always depends on the following factors:

  • order volume;
  • product dimensions;
  • product weight;
  • profile complexity;
  • alloy grade of the product material;
  • requirements for preliminary preparation of products (grinding, polishing, etc.);
  • additional complicating factors (the presence of leaky welds, scale, rust, strong oil and fat contamination, paint, old coating, etc.).

Send us an email drawing or sketch of the product with the wishes of the coating. The manager will consider everything and contact you.