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Etching, brightening, polishing

Need polishing, etching or lightening the metal? This section of our online catalog contains all types of surface pre-treatments for the removal of scale and rust, which are produced by NPP Elektrokhimiya.

Any metal can be etched.

• Light etching of aluminum with brightening is used to clean the surface from oxides. Deep etching of aluminum levels the surface, removing heavy scratches. Finishing passivation creates a minimum, in comparison with oxidation and anodizing, protection against corrosion.

• Pickling of other construction materials is only done to remove scale/rust or brighten the surface. Alignment does not take place. On the contrary, often after etching, defects appear that were not visible initially. This is due to the fact that corrosion products are removed from surface defects, and the defects themselves do not undergo changes, i.e. "open up".

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