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НПП Электрохимия

Maintained production volumes in a difficult 2022

We work with the State Defense Order and as part of import substitution. We issue a certificate for coverage

Order coverage

НПП Электрохимия

We are in the register of Siemens and Schlumberger suppliers

We supply products under stringent European quality requirements

Order coverage

НПП Электрохимия

Increased output by 2 times. We expanded our capacities for zinc plating, tin plating, chemical nickel plating.

We take orders of any size.

Order coverage

НПП Электрохимия

Cadmium coating worked out

We are accepting applications for coverage. Let's establish on our production of bathtubs under the individual order.

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Company “NPP Elektrokhimiya”

Multifunctional electroplating and  research in the field of applied electrochemistry.

Fazlutdinov Konstantin Kamilevich
Founder and CEO "NPP Elektrokhimiya". He is a laureate of all-Russian scientific competitions and conferences, has 27 scientific papers.

Our main direction - electroplated coatings

Catalog of electroplated coatings (en and ru languages) Download catalog (ru) Download catalog (en)

Our main direction - electroplated coatings

What is electroplating?

This is the deposition of a metal or oxide on the surface of a product to give it new functional properties or improve its appearance. Electroplating is performed under the action of an electric current.

Along with galvanic coatings, chemical coatings are distinguished, which do not use an external current source. These can be both thick metal and thin immersion and conversion coatings. In industrial practice, these coatings are also referred to as electroplating.

The founder of electroplating is B.S. Jacobi is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who for the first time in 1837 received a copper copy from a metal original by galvanoplastic method.

NPP Electrochemistry is first of all

Urgency, reliability and in-house production

  • One Service Provider = 50 Coatings
  • 7000+ completed orders. Over 2000 photos of our work are posted on the site
  • Production 24/7

Quality according to GOST and ISO:9001

  • Three-stage quality control system, up to 12 parameters
  • Quality certificate with test report
  • Guarantee according to OST5 R.9048-96.

Mobility and Free Trial

  • Collection and delivery of products in Yekaterinburg at our expense
  • Discounts against intercity transportation costs and departure of engineers to the customer
  • Supply of electroplating throughout Russia

Environmental friendliness and product safety

  • Environmental management system. Research in the field of promecology
  • We are registered as an object of NVOS II category, open and legal
  • Regular special assessment of working conditions (SUT)

Own research center in Yekaterinburg

  • Chemical research laboratory
  • Coating Testing Laboratory
  • Collaboration with UrFU

Photos from our production

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